Why to use Android VPN?

Why to use Android VPN?

In the era of constant privacy violations, it can be a plus point if you can at least hide your Identity on the Internet. If you are surfing the websites that are not completely trusted or you any doubts about your privacy violation, it’s better to surf those sites anonymously without compromising on the privacy. A virtual private network or VPN can really help you in hiding your regular IP Address and masking it with a temporary fake one. As majority of the users have switched to smartphones, VPN for Android is very much in business. A lot of VPN apps are available at play store and third-party developers.

 How do I protect my privacy?

To protect the privacy or don’t let the browser to record the history, we use incognito mode of the browsers. Many browsers offer to mask the IP Address to let you surf anonymously. But those browsers tend to consume up a lot of RAM and the connection is seemingly slow. As an alternative, the most optimal option is to look for best VPN for Android. VPN creates a private tunnel and if you use that tunnel for your internet activities, you can be saved from many lurkers and even your own ISP won’t able to track your surf records works as a disguise and show your virtual location in some other part of the world.


How to Setup a VPN?

Although there are a lot of applications available on Play store and many third-party developers are also working on developing VPNs. However, if you don’t want to install any application just because of the privacy issue then you can also setup a VPN for Android in your smartphone.

  1. Open the settings. Scroll down to wireless and networks and click more.
  2. Look for the VPN option in that tab.
  3. There you will find the option Add or setup a new VPN.
  4. You need to have VPN login credentials from any trusted SaaS provider.
  5. Tap on the plus option and enter the username and password to access the database for your private network.
  6. After filling the required information, click on save button and you are all set to connect with your VPN.

Should you Trust VPN providers?

As you are using a VPN to protect your identity, but if the service provider is shady or sell the information to any third-party or law enforcement. Then there is no point in buying the service in first place. A lot of VPN applications are available in Google play that found guilty of selling the information and violating the privacy of their users. To be on the safe side, check the terms of service. If the applications keep logs of your surfing history, then they are likely to sell your data. You can also go for IP leak test if you doubt that the application is leaking your data.

These are the basic information for setting up a VPN for android and avail the services of some of the top VPNs for android. However, you need to be extra careful if the information is very delicate and means a lot to you.

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